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Ielasi Tuned Piston Sleeve Puller Tool / Cylinder Extractor

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 For .21 Size Engines 3.5cc

We are pleased to finally announce the entry into the market of the new IELASI TUNED piston sleeve puller / cylinder extractor. It took a few more months after the presentation on social media for our extractor to go on the market as we wanted to perfect the product as much as possible. Now we're finally here, sold in its dedicated packaging, the extractor will be available from 01/15/2024 to distributers and therefore, as always, your pre-orders are open to your trusted retailer!!!
As always, stay tuned and watch this presentation video, but remember...we are only at the beginning!!!! #ielasituned 

- Durable Stainless Steel Construction

- Perfected grip for .21 OS Cylinder Sleeves 

- Includes Stylish Zippered Case

- Optimized for functionality