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Ielasi Tuned USA

Ielasi Tuned EFRA 2185FT H 1/8 On Road Exhaust Kit

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Finally we officially present the new IELASITUNED EFRA2185FT (onroad) muffler! This new muffler, as seen in the photo, is in a single piece with the IELASITUNED C5+ manifold with the reinforced exhaust pipe to avoid breakage in the event of a crash. This muffler will be sold only with the Hard Coated treatment and also for the future we will differentiate the two versions in this way: the classic 2185kit will always be sold with the C4 manifold with the C5+ optional but there will no longer be the HD version .
The only HD version as previously mentioned will be the Factory Kit 2185FT.
Very importantly, this new one-piece muffler has been approved and accepted by Ifmar and Efra as has already happened for some time also in OffRoad, therefore this muffler kit can be used without any problem at all national and international events However, for any clarification on this matter you can contact the Ifmar/Efra manager who deals with approvals.